Teaching Project Management

29 March 2019

Interest in the various workshops I taught on project management in libraries seems to have continued. One of these is a 1-credit class on project management, which was a summer short courses (4 weeks) for LIS students. Course modules introduce defining concepts for new services; initiating and gaining approval for new projects; analyzing target audiences and internal stakeholders; establishing timelines and project schedules; and leading the process of developing and launching a new library service.

The five-class, short course teaching materials are available for free download here.

Three-hour and half-day workshop materials for teaching project management in libraries are:

Calhoun, Karen. 2016. “Project Management in Libraries for UCLA IS 410.” Los Angeles, February 18. A 3-hour class introducing project management in libraries, prepared and presented at the invitation of Dr. Beverly Lynch for her 3-credit graduate course "Management Theory and Practice for Information Professional," IS 410 in the UCLA Department of Information Studies.

Calhoun, Karen, and Card, Heidi. “Workshop on Project Management and Teamwork for ULS”, University of Pittsburgh Library, October 2011.