Presentations and Workshops

22 April 2016

Some recent presentations are:

Cannon, Catriona, and Karen Calhoun. 2016. “Community -Centered Collections: Public Engagement with University Library Collections.” Basis of webinar presented and recorded at CILIP Headquarters, London, England, April 19.

Calhoun, Karen. 2015. “The Evolution of Digital Libraries as Socio-Technical Systems.” Invited presentation for the US Naval Academy, Nimitz Library, December 14.

Calhoun, Karen. 2015. "What Does It Mean to Have Collections?" Presented by invitation of the University of Calgary Libraries, Calgary, Alberta. October 15.

Calhoun, Karen S. 2015. “Leading from the Middle: Rationale and Impact of Pitt’s Program.” Presented at the ACRL National Conference, Portland OR, March 27.

Calhoun, Karen and Aaron Brenner. 2014. “Engaging Your Community Through Cultural Heritage Digital Libraries.” Presented as an ALA TechSource Webinar, October 8.

Calhoun, Karen. 2014. “Networking Repositories, Optimizing Impact: Georgia Knowledge Repository Meeting." Augusta, GA, October 2.

Calhoun, Karen, Deanna B. Marcum, Jill Cousins, Herbert Van de Sompel, and Brian Beaton. 2014. “Digital Libraries: Evolving from Collections to Communities? A Panel Discussion.” Presented at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, London, September 9.

Calhoun, Karen. Annual workshop series for the ULS Leadership Program, University of Pittsburgh, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15. Includes workshops on organizational change, project management, team building, delegation and conflict management, effective presentations, effective meetings, time management. See SlideShare for examples of the workshops or "Overview" for a description of the series as it was in 2013-14. In 2015, I began teaching the two-day project management workshop myself based on the 1-credit class I taught in summer 2014 for the Library and Information Studies (LIS) program at Pitt.

Calhoun, Karen, and Aaron Brenner. 2014. “Supporting Digital Scholarship: From Collections to Communities.” Presented as an ALA Techsource Webinar, June 19.

Calhoun, Karen. 2014. “Rethinking Library Cooperatives: Prepared for the Program for Cooperative Cataloging.” presented at the ALA Midwinter, PCC Participants Meeting, Philadephia, January 26.

Luke Ferdinand, John Fudrow, Karen Calhoun, and Jeff Wisniewski. "An Introduction to Research Methods: Needs Assessment, Surveys, Focus Groups and Personas." University Library System - ULS Leadership Program. Pittsburgh PA. November 2013.

Calhoun, Karen, Mark LeBlanc, Josh Sosin, and Jennifer Vinopal.  "Digital Humanities in Higher Education." ITHAKA Sustainable Scholarship Conference, New York NY, October 2013.

A fuller list of my presentations, publications and reports can be found here.